About us

About us

Born in 2005, Sven and Jeffrey have rapidly ascended the global music scene, captivating audiences with their unique blend of deep house, tech house, and bass house. Amassing over 10 million streams worldwide, this duo has become a formidable force in the electronic music landscape.

On streaming services, Sven & Jeffrey are known for their radio-friendly deep house tracks, which showcase their knack for creating infectious melodies and groovy rhythms that resonate with a broad audience. Their seamless production and distinct sound have earned them a dedicated fan base and widespread acclaim.

In live shows, Sven & Jeffrey take their performance to the next level by delivering electrifying sets that blend popular songs with their own creative edits. Their mashups are a testament to their versatility and skill, effortlessly mixing hits with their signature tech house and bass house tracks. This ability to fuse different genres and styles keeps the dance floor energized and audiences coming back for more.

With an impressive digital presence and an ever-growing list of achievements, Sven & Jeffrey continue to push the boundaries of electronic music, making them a must-watch act in the industry.